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Big Catch Design creates both static and dynamic websites
Big Catch Design creates original web sites

Web Design Big Catch Design creates websites

Get Connected - Stay Connected

People are more connected today than ever before. If you have a business, a product, a service, or a message, it needs to be accessible and social, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and that's exactly what a website designed by Big Catch Design will do for you.

Websites that work ... for you

Big Catch Design creates both static and dynamic websites. Static websites make your information accessible in a clear and constant manner while dynamic website can run an online store; collect, manage, and analyze company data; interconnect with social media; or simply display your latest blog.

Designed with purpose

The best information could be lost in poor design; that's why design is such a priority at Big Catch Design. Artistic flare catches your reader's interest, while well-designed layouts and navigations ensure your readers find what they're looking for. Big Catch Design creates well-designed, static or dynamic websites to keep you and your audience hooked.


Websites that work for today's market

Your website should be a hard working partner, able to represent your organization to the general public at their convenience.

Big Catch Design creates web pages
  • Websites bring your product or information to your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year -- try doing that with a traditional office or store
  • Websites can be used to collect information, to analyze data, and to process orders -- and they never ask for a coffee break
  • Websites are the first place that the growing twenty-something demographic turns for information. All other demographics, especially the retired community, are turning to the web in increasing numbers. If your organization doesn't have a website, they'll find out about your competition
  • Small businesses have big impact. Since people can find your online store from anywhere in the world, your business can move into the global market
  • Well-designed websites help your organization gain trust with the public by making your information transparently clear
  • Whether working with an existing website, or creating from scratch, Big Catch Design can create a website that works for you
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Websites tailor-made

Static Websites

Most traditional websites would be classified as static websites. The content is coded in HTML, is uploaded to a server, and is displayed the same way for every viewer. Any changes must be made to the original code and uploaded to the server before the new content is available on the internet.

Static - Pros

  • typically quicker to set up
  • typically cheeper start-up cost

Static - Cons

  • changing content of existing pages requires manual coding and uploading to the Web Hosting Server
  • new pages need to be manually created (coded) and uploaded to the Web Hosting Server
  • long term costs can be significant if the content has to be frequently recoded or more pages need to be created

Static - The Bottom Line

A static website is limited to simply displaying the same information everytime it is loaded. This option can be suitable for clients who want to show a limited amount of information online or who want to update their site by working with the code.

View some static sites

Dynamic Websites

Most contemporary websites are dynamic. This includes anything from social networking, to posting comments about a product, from a basic message forum to a complex online store. Big Catch Design creates database-driven, dynamic websites that display viewer-specific and up-to-date information.

Dynamic - Pros

  • easily manage and change content
  • viewer participation
  • the content is relevant for the viewer
  • new pages are created dynamically (no coding cost)
  • information is current, calculated, and catalogued
  • sales, etc. can be processed automatically

Dynamic - Cons

  • typically higher start-up cost
  • typically longer to set up

Dynamic - The Bottom Line

A dynamic website displays content according to a user's requests, so it will display the content that is relevant to the user. This option is suitable for most clients who wish to keep the content of their site, such as events, sales, and their portfolio, current and relevant.

View some dynamic sites

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