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Video is for Venders

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Leave Hollywood to Hollywood

To be clear from the get go, Big Catch Design is not a Hollywood-style movie studio. Big Catch Design creates videos primarily for advertisements, events, and promotionals. If you have produced a full-length movie and want it to look like something from Hollywood, Big Catch Design can create the title, menu, and provide some post-production effects.

Video for vendors

You've seen them before, but have you considered how easily you could have custom-animated commercials playing in your retail store or establishment? With the decreased cost of LCD screens and computers, this form of advertising is more possible than ever. All you need are the ads, and that's where Big Catch Design is ready to help.

Eye Candy

Video quickly catches the attention of our highly video-oriented society. Big Catch Design works with raw footage and original animations to produce elegant and catchy videos for your advertisments, events, and promotionals.


Video is for Venders

Video screens are everywhere. They are in shop windows, behind retailer's counters, in high-traffic locations like lobbies and hallways. Everywhere. And there are three good reasons why.

The Right Fit

Flat screens have opened up new real estate for video. Basically, if there's a little airflow and some means to mount a screen, you're good to go. A space that was used for a poster, for a painting, for communicating hours, or for advertising a product or service, can now be converted into an active and vibrant space with a dexterous video screen.

The Right Price

Do you remember the first time you saw a flat screen? They were cool, but pricey. Since then, costs have steadily decreased. LCDs especially have become so inexpensive that purchasing one wont hurt the budget. Match that with an old computer you already have in your office and you're ready. The perfect video screen solution now comes on a low budget.

The Right Medium

Our culture has already turned to video screens for entertainment and for information. A video screen in your retail store or establishment will inform your clients about products, services, and other announcements, but it will also ease the tension of waiting in line at the cash register by entertaining them while they wait, all in a medium they are ready to digest.

Larger projects with multiple screens over multiple sites require different software and hardware solutions. There are a variety of signage solutions that will work well with any scale of digital signage projects.

Contact Big Catch Design today to discuss what equipment will work best with your project.

Equipment? check. Video?

Once you have the equipment, you still need the videos.

Big Catch Design creates video animations that can be used with digital signage, on the web, for events and presentations, and for disk or broadcast.

Working with your goals, Big Catch Design creatively produces sleek and powerful video animations using 3D animation software, stock and original video footage, and of course, After Effects®. Flash® and HTML5 options are also available for use on the web.

Even though Big Catch Design is not a movie studio, if you have a full-length movie and you want it to look like something out of Hollywood, Big Catch Design can create the title, menu, and provide some post-production effects.

Contact Big Catch Design today to bring motion to your message.
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