Zollinger Farms

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The Challenge

The Zollingers needed to spread the word about their custom services. After comparing the costs of advertising in magazines, billboards, and newspapers, they decided that a website was the best option for now and for the future.

The Solution

Working with the Zollingers, we decided that a static website was the best fit for their needs. Database driven websites are great, but they're not the only fit. Some website function, such as posting recent news, videos, and sales, that would require a database, were completed by using Facebook, YouTube and Kijiji.

The Result

The final website is fresh and communicative. It clearly demonstrates their services and their territory. As expected, future clients can contact the Zollingers directly through an online form, or they can email or call at their leisure. The background uses some Javascript to create an agricultural scene with moving clouds.

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