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Big Catch Design will illustrate your imagination
Dream Big.

Illustration Big Catch Design creates print design

A picture is worth a thousand words

Imagine how much detail and care it would take to accurately write a description of a new product or the emotion of a new event. A great illustration has the power to convey a full idea quickly and clearly. Big Catch Design creates original illustrations for your ideas, so you can leave the thesaurus on the shelf.

Bringing life to your story

You remember the feeling as you turned the pages of your favourite story. Each new page was filled with a colourful illustration that played in your imagination like a well-cast movie. Big Catch Design creates original illustrations to bring your story to life.

Creating something special

An illustration brings a unique identity to your brand, your product, or your event. A creative character can make your message more memorable and more personal. Big Catch Design creates for your unique project.


From concept to art

Concept Art

You can see it in your head and you can explain it well, but you're going to need more than the right words to help other people really see it and believe in your idea. It's time to a professional. Concept art, created by Big Catch Design, will bring your creativity to life so you can clearly communicate your brilliant idea in that crucial investor's meeting.

Drawn Together

Illustrations help unify a brand, product, or event by giving them a personality with whom your audience can connect. Learn more about how an illustration can help you and your organization by reading about branding created by Big Catch Design or contact Big Catch Design today.

View some recent work in Big Catch Design's illustration portfolio.

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Illustration for games and books

Character Development

Once you see an illustration of your character, it's difficult to imagine your character any other way. That's why it's so important to find an illustrator that you like.

Big Catch Design has a variety of styles, but some come more naturally. If you like what you see, just wait until you see your character brought to life with an illustration by Big Catch Design.


When a story's setting is out of this world, a photograph just won't do. Landscapes help make movies and games more believable and bring the setting of any store to life.

Big Catch Design can create stylized landscapes to capture the emotion and imagination of your story's environment.

Big Catch Design primarily uses Photoshop® and god-given skill to create real, hand-drawn illustrations for your projects. Projects vary, so Big Catch Design also creates 3D illustrations and 2D vector-based illustrations when these options are the best fit.

View some recent work in Big Catch Design's illustration portfolio.

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