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Music surrounds us. So catch their attention with music from Big Catch Design
Music and video.  The perfect combination.

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Sound Design

Creativity often flows in more than one vein. Big Catch Design is no exception. Design skills transfer between both art forms and create well-balanced and motific compositions. Big Catch Design is a design company, of many art forms.

Surround Sound

Music surrounds us in radio jingles, video game soundtracks, and movie soundtracks. It evokes emotion and brings excitement to your message. Big Catch Design creates music for use in soundtracks that can be used in games, advertisements, or short movies.


Original compositions are created using both sampled instruments and real instruments, which provide a range of styles for a smaller budget. Most compositions are instrumental, but original song writing is a possibility, just ask. Big Catch Design creates original music for your soundtrack.


music moves the message

From Marketing to Movies

Some say that video killed the radio star, but music never died. It found a new media where it would shine under a new light. Audio design has become essential for creating captivating radio ads and for making video communication more entertaining and meaningful.

Big Catch Design creates original music that will help bring your project to life. Proper audio design creates a complementing soundscape for your video, which will help your viewer enter into the world of your video.

Business Jingles

Simple, memorable, and musical hooks have been catching our attention since we tuned into mass media. Musical branding will unify your audio image so that your audience will connect with your brand and pay attention to the product or service you are currently marketing.

Contact Big Catch Design today to find out more or to request music and audio design services.

Audio meets video; simply better together

Big Catch Design can create original music in tandem with your video projects. Creating a custom soundscape that works with your video is essential for bringing the full media to life. Big Catch Design can create your audio/video project from beginning to end.

Thematic music can also be created for your pre-existing movie or video game to help bring your creation to life. While Big Catch Design is not a large Hollywood music studio, we can talk to see if Big Catch Design is the right fit for your project.

Contact Big Catch Design today to find out more or to request music and audio design services.
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